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Build around what really matters.

Your finances inform your life options. So your plan should be about you. Our team will help you understand what you really want, what it takes to get there, and at every step, the why behind your plan.

Where do I start?

The easy answer is simply: wherever you are. We’ll help you take it to the next level, whatever that means for you.

New house, saving for college—I have a lot of big goals.

Great! Let’s get clear on what it will take to make them happen.

I want to retire.

Let’s figure out what’s possible together.

I'm retired, but do I have enough?

We’ll get the spreadsheets warmed up.

Is my business financially supporting my goals?

If not, we’ll help you optimize.

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Our Mission

It’s simple. We want to take you from not knowing, to knowing. Get clear on:


What opportunities and resources you already have.


What it will take to retire.


What motivates you (and how to leverage it in your plan).


How each step you take feeds your big picture.

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Welcome to AWA.

Our team will not only be your financial guides, but probably your neighbors too. We are dedicated to our clients, family and our community.

Meet Our Team


Anthony Assante, AIF®, CFS®, MBA



Matthew J. Arendt


There’s always more
to know. 

Our library of tools will help you get started.



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